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Secret Base Rewinder: Didier Drogba and the 2012 Champions League final

A moment in history

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It is once again the time for heroes.

In less than four days, Chelsea will take to the pitch at the Estadio Dragão in Porto to contest the third Champions League final in club history. The first two were a bit dramatic, to say the least, especially the last one, now a little over nine years ago.

I’m sure none of really need a reminder of what happened and how and when and with whom on that May 19th, but our friends over at Secret Base put together this excellent episode of the Rewinder to look back on the 2012 final and specifically Didier Drogba’s moment in history.

The video does a fantastic job explaining why that one kick, by that one player, in that one instance is such a massive moment for the club (to a largely non-Chelsea audience) — beyond just the fact that it was the Champions League final, and our first ever Champions League trophy. You should watch it, if for nothing else, than to get the goosebumps again as he begins what still looks like a way too short run-up (which, as he would explain later, he chose to not give Neuer any more information than necessary in deciding which way to dive).

And since we’re talking 2012 memories, it’s a good excuse for me to post still my favorite video of that event, starring two strangers brothers in blue (@chockers the man with the camera).

And if you want to relive the match itself, here are some extended highlights.

Now it’s time for the new heroes.

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