Do we really need a new CB?

Another week, another center back rumor; Pau Torres, Kounde, Konate, Ginther bla bla bla, the list goes on and on.

As always, we behave like kids in the playground, the other kids' toy always seems shinier. At this moment, none of the above mentioned players is better than our own Rüdiger. It's safe to say they wouldn't take Dave's position either. Andreas has proven again that playing in a three always brings out the best out of him.

One may argue that these defenders are to be signed for their potential, but on the other hand, we are willing to let Tomori go for close to peanuts.

Our defence has been our bedrock under Tuchel, unless we are buying Varane or another obvious upgrade, why even bother?

Ps: Young Ampadu is also having a steady season at Bramall Lane.

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