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Tammy Abraham more concerned with Chelsea playing time than anything else, says Thomas Tuchel

Well-defined priorities


Young centre-forward Tammy Abraham finished his debut season at Chelsea as the team’s top goalscorer with 18 goals, and he is on path to repeat the feat by leading our current charts with 12 scores thus far this season. However he has found it much harder to be on the pitch this term, with 30 appearances across all competitions against 47 in the previous year.

One obvious reason for this drop in opportunities is the increased level of competition in his position. Now Tammy has to beat not only veteran Olivier Giroud for chances, but also new additions Timo Werner and Kai Havertz — the latter playing in a sort of hybrid, no.9.5 role under manager Thomas Tuchel since the new boss’ arrival back in January.

Tammy also has not been helped by fitness, with an ankle injury suffered during a match against Newcastle last month and another ankle problem appearing while training not too long ago taking him out of contention. Still he is not in the best of places in his still young career, with the mix of injuries and lack of minutes on the pitch leading to his absence from England’s national team latest call-up.

All of those should be areas of concern to Tammy and Chelsea fans, with media claims on paused contract negotiations not helping to reduce our worries in the slightest. But according to Tuchel, Tammy’s is more focused on getting back on the pitch with Chelsea than on anything else that might be an effect of him being a regular feature for the team.

“We have not talked about this, I actually feel [Tammy] right now a bit more concerned about his role in our team. I think he clearly knows a role in our team can improve his chances to have a role in the English national team.

“We did not talk about it but it would not surprise me if it’s in his head. This is totally normal at this level that the players have their own interests, and one of the interests is to have a role in their team but also their country.”

Thankfully the road back to success for Tammy is all quite simple. It is all about focusing on showing his best self during the day by day routines in the club, and let his football do the talking once he gets back on the pitch.

“These are two objectives for Tammy, but in our talks now it’s just about the next steps here, how to increase his involvement here.

“But, at the same time, when you give confidence to strikers who are actually on the pitch, we cannot change all the time so it’s not easy. I accept that it’s not too easy, but it’s also not too hard, and I hope he is not too harsh on himself or overthinks it like, ‘if my situation is like this now what are the consequences?’

“He has to refocus on his situation and this is what I feel. We have talked about the actual situation here in the club and from here he has, every day, the chance to find his way back.”

-Tammy Abraham; Source: Sky Sports

This is not the first time Tammy has been asked to step up to the challenge, and he has done quite well in every other occasion where he had to do so. It might be annoying having to prove yourself so often, but that is just the nature of a highly competitive sport in a highly demanding team like Chelsea.

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