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Chelsea launch ‘No To Hate’ campaign to fight against racism and discrimination of all forms

WAGNH supports and echoes the club’s efforts to stamp out racism, antisemitism, and any form of discrimination

Two months ago, Reece James fell victim to racist remarks on social media. Toxicity and hateful comments on Twitter, Instagram, etc. would continue to rage on, not just with James, but with multiple other players. James publicly advocated social media companies to address rampant hateful and discriminatory comments. As of the time of this writing, James’ Instagram account is offline.

Today, the club has announced the creation of their ‘No To Hate’ campaign, to work with their efforts with their ‘Say No To Antisemitism’ campaign and their Equity Action Plan efforts to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout the club from the top-down.

“There are several strands to our work against all forms of discrimination at Chelsea FC, including our Say No To Antisemitism campaign and all of the work we have put into our Equality Action Plan, but the racist abuse of Reece on social media was a painful reminder that we need to do more. Mr. Abramovich directed me and the board to identify further action we could take to tackle racism in football and society, and today we launch No To Hate, a campaign which we fervently hope will have tangible positive impact for our players, staff, fans and communities.”

-Bruce Buck, Source: Chelsea FC

The announcement from the club serves as a mission statement, discussing what the club pledges they will do to support and promote their own equality, diversity, and inclusion efforts, and also externally to the community both near and worldwide.

On the topic of social media, the club mentions efforts to provide support to players’ accounts to address hateful and discriminatory comments. The club will petition social media companies to strengthen moderation, which is a good first step, however much still needs to be done.

More notable is the club announcing efforts to promote opportunities to Black, Asian, and other minority coaches to achieve coaching qualifications. A topic that has always been talked about in abstract is representation of minority coaches in the game today. For us, it is a positive that the club is taking action to do something to help minority coaches attain the education and programs needed to succeed. The actual coaching opportunities and pathways may or may not come with the club, but their education and coaching development coming from Chelsea would show that the club does care about diversity in the game.

WAGNH supports the club’s call to action.

Be positive.


I’ve been a member of this fantastic community long before having the privilege to contribute. I think highly of this community, and that the commentary and members here are measured and more respectful than what may be found with other venues and mediums.

The moderation team do our utmost best to enforce our guidelines. To be absolutely clear, racist language and abuse will not be tolerated here.

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