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Sheffield United 1-2 Chelsea, Player Ratings: Mason Mount does it again!

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Community player ratings from Chelsea’s third straight victory under Tuchel

Sheffield United v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

1. MASON MOUNT (8.0)

People love to talk about how Mason Mount divides opinion and all that jazz — or randomly bring up the whole Mount vs. Maddison “debate” in unrelated commentary as some random pundit did this weekend (I’d say the name but I genuinely forgot who it was, and they all do it anyway) — but Thomas Tuchel’s son is having a good time and is getting the love he deserves.

This is his fourth Man of the Match and third in our last seven games. No player has made the top-three more often than he has (this is No.11 from 31 appearances) and only Thiago Silva is rated higher on average for the season.

2. TIMO WERNER (7.9)

Werner’s highest rated and perhaps also best performance since the 3-0 win over Rennes way back in early November, three months ago (which was the last time we had won three in a row) — and it’s the first time he’s been a 7.0 or higher since the win over Leeds, which remains the apex of the Chelsea season thus far.

The goal drought goes on, but Werner was instrumental to both Chelsea goals in this one, and that’s certainly a good sign.


One of many players who had been forgotten or sidelined for much of the first-half of the season, Christensen stepped in when Thiago Silva went down injured on Thursday, then got just his second Premier League start since mid-October, and put in a very good and physical performance.

The 24-year-old’s career is at a bit of an inflection point once again, as he will be entering the final year of his contract this summer. A good time to serve this reminder of his solid, if perhaps not exactly spectacular, qualities.



EXCELLENT (8.0-8.9): Mount (8.0)

GOOD (7.0-7.9): Werner (7.9), Christensen (7.2), Kovacic (7.0)

AVERAGE (6.0-6.9): Mendy (6.7), Azpilicueta (6.6), Jorginho (6.6), Hudson-Odoi (6.3, sub), James (6.2), Kanté (6.1, sub), Alonso (6.0, sub)

POOR (5.0-5.9): Chilwell (5.7), Rudiger (5.4)

BAD (4.0-4.9): —

TERRIBLE (3.0-3.9): —