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Sheffield United vs. Chelsea, Premier League: Live blog; highlights

New, comments it happened: live blog, updates, highlights, lineups, comments, etc.

Sheffield United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Mike Egerton - Pool/Getty Images

FULL TIME: Chelsea win!

90+4min: Mount’s energy this late in the match with his press causes Bogle to lose possession in Chelsea’s final third.

90+2min: Sheffield have a dead ball opportunity which deflects out to Brewster who has two shots on goal blocked from Rudiger! Sheffield recycle possession and Chelsea defend well again with Mendy claiming a high cross. Rudiger is down on the pitch after colliding with Mendy

90min: Christensen does very well to get a header on a dangerous cross and hits it out for a throw in, from which Sheffield are unable to create a shot on goal from. 5 additional minutes.

88min: Lundstram has a shot on goal from range that would have been solid for an NFL PAT attempt

86min: Sheffield United SUB: NORWOOD OFF BREWSTER ON

82min: Kante dribbles into the box and lays it off to Mount whose chipped ball is very poor and Ramsdale collects

80min: CHO finds James in the box, who rips a shot that is deflected out for a corner. Mount’s delivery finds Dave, but he hits it out to touch.

78min: Bogle with a very bad studs up challenge on Kovacic who connects studs onto Kovacic’s foot. Surprisingly no yellow for Bogle.

77min: Sharp crosses it just high of McBurnie who was positioned well to nod that on goal. Sheffield are starting to get solid chances more frequently


75min: Fleck dribbles through multiple Chelsea players, firing a shot towards goal, but Rudiger does amazingly well with a slide tackle that ricochets off Fleck for Chelsea goal kick

74min: Alonso’s cross is deflected, but Werner was moving well into space that likely would’ve been a solid chance had the cross made its way through.

71min: Norwood with a threatening set piece delivery that Rudiger gets a header on to clear. That was a very dangerous chance that Rudiger did well to defend.

69min: Sheffield United Sub: Bryan OFF Sharp ON

68min: McGoldrick wins a corner, but Alonso clears and CHO is off for a counter. Sheffield get back well and Chelsea have to work the ball to the left trying to work their way through. Jorginho tries to switch to James but hits it too hard.

66min: Jorginho chips a ball to Alonso at the back post headed out by Sheffield United. Corner Chelsea. Mount’s corner is flicked on by Dave, but too high for Rudiger crashing far post to connect.

63min: Ramsdale going under concussion review, stemming from the aftermath of his collision with Werner in the previous penalty incident. Will we see the first implementation of concussion substitutions? At the moment, no.



60min: Reece James cuts on to his left foot and has a shot that is fired high and wide.

59min: Rudiger and McBurnie have another moment this time on the opposite end. VAR has a check and rules it not a penalty for Sheffield United. Quite an eventful stretch here...

58min: JORGINHO SCORES THE PENALTY! 2-1 CHELSEA! The hop, skip returns and Jorginho slots it to Ramsdales’ left

57min: A minute later, Friend decides to take a look at it on the monitor. Dave has a look at VAR replay right behind Friend lol. Friend decides it is a penalty. VAR rules it a penalty.

56min: WOW. Werner goes down trying to round Ramsdale, and it looked like Ramsdale took Werner out. No penalty!

55min: Rudiger OWN GOAL. 1-1. Rudiger doesn’t look up and passes it back to Mendy who was moving off the line to collect... disasterclass at the back.

53min: Chelsea win the ball back high up the pitch through Christensen, who plays it to Giroud who does well to flick on to Mount, but Mount’s attempt on goal is deflected and easily grabbed by Ramsdale

51min: Mount carelessly hits it square just above the box which dangerously Sheffield United collects initially but are unable to convert into an opportunity

49min: Dave carries the ball into the final third, but is unable to see the runs of both Giroud and Werner. He lays it off to James, and we cycle the ball around for a ball over the top to Giroud who is unable to connect cleanly. Giroud slowly gets himself back up.

47min: James and Fleck collide and James looks to be in a bit of pain.. James looks to be back on his feet okay

SECOND HALF: No changes and Sheffield United kick it off

Half Time musings:

  • Sheffield United defensively are working hard to press high and then revert back into a compact shell when Chelsea progress into the final third
  • They have done very well to disrupt Chelsea attacks for much of the first half
  • Mount’s goal comes after Chelsea had looked to build numerous attacks in the minutes prior through Kovacic and Chilwell linking up on the left side. Werner did well to cut it back to Mount
  • Giroud has been showing himself to be an option as an outlet to move into the half space and flick on to another attacker, but his passes are not finding their recipient in the manner that they should...
  • Sheffield going down a goal right before half will likely cause Wilder to make changes to his team’s approach for the final 45 minutes. Hopefully this opens the game up more that should give Werner the space he needs to thrive

HALF TIME: Chelsea are up 1-0 at half, with Mason Mount’s goal the separator between the two sides.

45min: +1 additional minute announced.

43min: GOAL MOUNT!! Chilwell releases Werner down the left who cuts it back to Mount in the center of the box to side foot it far post! 1-0 Chelsea!

42min: Chelsea’s best attacks of late are mostly coming from the left, with Kovacic involved in some manner

39min: Chilwell has another cross deflected out for a corner. Chilwell’s corner is actually taken short to Werner who lays it off to Mount... and apparently there was no plan as Sheffield easily win the ball back

38min: Kovacic continues to run the midfield and finds Chilwell free whose cross deflects for a corner. Chilwell’s corner is hit initially by McBurnie and Chelsea recollect posession. Rudiger has a pop but his shot is deflected

36min: Kovacic with a beautiful ball to release Chilwell down the left, who cuts it back to Mount who hits it low. Unfortunately Kovacic’s ball to Chilwell is ruled offside.

35min: Dave wins the ball back high up the pitch and releases Werner down the right whose cross is deflected back to Dave who then crosses far post to Chilwell who heads it over goal

32min: Past few minutes have been mostly Chelsea working to progress into the final third, only to find resistance and either they pass it back to start anew or lose the ball and work well to win it back to begin the cycle all over again

28min: Chilwell fires in a low cutback that works itself through traffic, but Chelsea are unable to latch onto the deflection to get a shot on goal. Chelsea recycle and earn a corner that Chilwell takes, but is cleared by Bryan. Attacking moment ends with a Rudiger long shot wide on goal

26min: Sheffield United pull off very good attacking passes to work their way down our right side, but are unable to get themselves a shot on goal. Rudiger steps into a pass to intercept and break up the movement

25min: Chelsea best moments thus far look to come from Giroud coming deep to flick on to create a quick attack, but unfortunately some heavy touches and Sheffield’s resolute compact positioning are proving to be too much at the moment

22min: Chelsea are getting the ball further up the pitch with a little more ease than earlier, but are still unable to competently create chances on goal at the moment. Sheffield United defending very well so far

20min: Werner coming in deep to get touches on the ball much more frequently in the past five minutes

18min: Chelsea win a free kick ~30 yards out. Mount serves a good ball far post that Dave gets a head on, but is unable to put it towards goal convincingly

16min: From a throw in, Werner gets to the byline and fires in a cross that Mount gets to on the far post, but has to recycle possession

14min: Sheffield United’s high press and high line causing Chelsea issues early to progress the ball into the final third. Giroud working as an outlet early on.

12min: VAR confirms Basham was offside. Chelsea quite lucky here early on.

11min: Chilwell goes shoulder to shoulder with Basham defending an early cross and Basham goes to ground. Penalty is the call, but VAR will likely overrule with offsides.

9min: Christensen fouls Fleck over 30 yards from goal. Norwood chips it far post but Giroud clears. Sheffield regain possession but are unable to do anything meaningful with it.

7min: Chilwell takes the corner, and Christensen gets his head onto it, but the ball is flicked far post too high and no one in baby blue is in a good position.

6min: Sheffield United look to press Chelsea high up the pitch, causing some early ball progression issues. But Kovacic plays a ball over the top to Werner who looks to chip in, but Egan clears before the ball can cross. Corner Chelsea.

4min: Mount’s first take is poor and cleared for another Chelsea corner. Mount’s second take is less poor, but Sheffield United hit it out to touch. Chelsea’s ensuing throw in amounts to nothing.

3min: Chelsea cautiously pass it around the back to settle into the match. Dave finds Werner’s run and Chelsea get a corner.

1min: Burke gets a shot in after intercepting Chelsea’s free kick, but he hits side netting. Not the best start for Chelsea.

KICK-OFF: Chelsea in our baby blue away kit and Sheffield United in their customary red and white striped home kit with black shorts. Chelsea will kick it off, and the match begins!

Three games, three clean sheets, three goals scored, two wins, seven points. What does Thomas Tuchel have in store for us in his fourth match, against bottom of the table (but improving) Sheffield United?

Here we go!

Sheffield United starting lineup (3-5-2):
Ramsdale | Bryan, Egan (c), Basham | Lowe, Fleck, Norwood, Lundstram, Bogle | Burke, McBurnie

Substitutes from: Foderingham, McGoldrick, Sharp, Jagielka, Brewster, Osborn.

Chelsea starting lineup (3-4-3):
Mendy | Azpilicueta (c), Christensen, Rüdiger | James, Jorginho, Kovacic, Chilwell | Mount, Giroud, Werner

Substitutes from: Kepa, Alonso, Zouma, Emerson, Kanté, Gilmour, Ziyech, Hudson-Odoi, Abraham.

Date / Time: Sunday, February 7, 2021, 19.15 GMT; 2:15pm EST; 12:45am IST (next day)
Venue: Bramall Lane, Sheffield, England
Referees: Kevin Friend (on pitch); Simon Hooper (VAR)

On TV: Sky Sports Main Event (UK); none (USA); Star Sports Select HD1 (India); SuperSport Premier League (NGA); elsewhere
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Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!