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Hudson-Odoi enjoying life under shouty, purposeful Tuchel

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Chelsea v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

One benefit (and perhaps the only benefit) of fans not being allowed in stadiums at the moment still is that we can much better hear what the players and the managers are shouting at each other — except of course when broadcasters pipe in the incessant and obnoxious fake crowd noise, or as in the case of Spurs, actually blast it out of the PA system before the referee’s whistle.

And that includes Thomas Tuchel, who seemingly spent the first couple games of his coaching tenure at Chelsea shouting “Callum!” and trying to get his young winger-turned-wing-back into the ideal positions required in this brand new role for him. And since there were no crowds, not only could we hear this better, but so could Hudson-Odoi himself — unlike, say, during the time of Conte, when largely only the near-side winger was subjected to the constant shouty shouty.

But Hudson-Odoi doesn’t mind it right now, which of course he’s unlikely to admit even if he did, but he understands that even in this case, there is an obvious purpose and method behind it.

“I’m liking it because it’s motivating when a manager is on the side giving you instructions and pushing you and shouting at you. Sometimes you don’t like shouting but sometimes it motivates players to keep improving and keep showing your quality.

“I’m enjoying every bit of it. He has come with a real purpose to try and make us win games as much and quickly as possible. Try to apply his tactics as quick as possible as well.We’re all enjoying it at the moment and hopefully we can keep going with it.”

-Callum Hudson-Odoi; source: Chelsea FC

Hudson-Odoi has started all three games under Tuchel, two as wing-back and one as a wide-forward. That last match was just a couple days ago, which could mean a bit of rest tomorrow, but the 20-year-old looks a big part of Tuchel’s plans. It’s early days, but that’s certainly a welcome and promising development, and should lead to plenty of (joyful) shouting as well.