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PICTURES: Thiago Silva, Kai Havertz back in Chelsea training!

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Getting ready for Southampton

While it’s unclear whether either Thiago Silva or Kai Havertz will be fit for Saturday’s match against Southampton — Tuchel might shed some light on this in tomorrow’s press conference — both players were back in training today (Thursday), as Chelsea returned to Cobham after a couple days off to begin preparations for the upcoming busy week ahead.

After the trip to St Mary’s on Saturday, we have a game Tuesday against Atlético Madrid (in Bucharest, Romania!) and then face Manchester United at home on Sunday. Having as many players available as possible can only be beneficial. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Tammy Abraham in today’s training, but he was the only apparent absence.

Tuchel’s Chelsea have yet to lose a game, and have yet to concede a goal, even, outside of a lone own goal from Antonio Rudiger. But Tuchel’s Chelsea have also yet to light the scoreboard on fire, which is a bit of a concern. Then again, defense wins championships, right?