The Conor Connundrum

Anywhere you look, if it's Chelsea-related, Conor Gallagher is more often than not the topic of discussion.

With injuries and COVID-related absences, people have been yelling for Conor to be recalled. Since he's played past the match threshold for Crystal Palace and therefore can no longer be recalled, we can focus on his part next season. Some have said he belongs in midfield, while others have said he belongs in one of the 10 spots. I personally feel he can be Mason Mount's twin, someone who can play around the striker, being the driving force in one of those 10 spots. A recent analysis might back this up:

Conor Gallagher and Context Around Stats

If you're opposed to links, it essentially sums up the following:

Patrick Viera's role for Conor is to be an attacker in the box when CP has the ball, and a midfielder when they're defending, a role I feel Mount has played 9/10 times for us. Viera doesn't expect Conor to be playing out 10 big chances a match. I don't think he expects him to even play 5. He wants Conor to be there in and around the box, getting into positions where he has the space to play a quick ball or have a shot, something he very clearly has a knack of doing. His tasks don't include bringing the ball from defense to attack, to play a DLP style, or to even play as a trequartista. His role is to be touching distance from the box in some sort of space, ready to pounce on an opportunity at goal. A box-to-box so to speak, with more emphasis on the second box, that being the opponent's.

So while some expect him to come slot into one of our 6 positions, I feel you might be disappointed in the product. At the ripe age of 21, it's entirely possible he learns to play that position and destroys the PL from there. But for the time being, I think he's one of our future No. 10s.

What say you all?

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