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Chelsea FCW vs. West Ham match postponed due to COVID-19 positive tests

Not good.

Mass Vaccination at Chelsea FC Stadium on Marathon Booster Weekend in London Photo credit should read Wiktor Szymanowicz/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Life in a pandemic is not easy. And here in Europe we have certainly let our guards down post vaccination rounds as the rest of the world — mostly composed of poor countries without access to said vaccines, either due to lack of money, infrastructure, patents, or a combination of these or several factors — struggled to contain the coronavirus.

So Omicron arrived, as many specialists expected. That is just nature at work, when you give a virus the opportunity to mutate and generate stronger versions of itself when there are enough “interactions” to allow this kind of evolution. Better vaccine coverage in these poor countries could have reduced the chances of such a happenstance, but alas! What matters is interest rates going up and central bank asset buying round ending soon, to the panic of financial markets everywhere.

In real life, we have seen more and more cases of COVID-19 taking place in football, partly due to the new virus variant, but also because of guards down and whatnot. The latest club hit by this are Chelsea Women, with their Women’s Super League encounter with West Ham postponed due to ‘a number of positive tests for COVID-19’ within the Blues’ setup.

This could mean either players and/or staff infected, and they began isolation immediately after the results. If all goes well, we will have the women’s team back on the pitch after New Year, as they will be forced into taking an early winter break due to the circumstances.

Thankfully no other Chelsea teams were affected. But what is most important, is having a full recovery of those hit by the virus. All while hoping we can do much better as a collective to fight this thing, as the prospects of defeating it do not look good right now.

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