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WATCH: Mason After Dentist

Novocain's a helluva drug

Back in the stone ages of the Internet, a 7-year-old kid named David (cool name) became one of the very first global YouTube viral sensations, when his dad took a video of him after dental surgery, as he was coming out from under anesthesia. As any of us who may have been put under for surgery, you’ll know that funny things can happen when you’re still out of it.

In any case, over a decade after that classic video, here’s Mason Mount’s version, after getting his wisdom teeth removed the other day. My man’s got some BIG ideas!

Mount’s surgery must have been quite an event as he’s evidently had some complications from it that have caused him to miss time for Chelsea. He’s also taking a few extra days right now before joining up with the England squad for their games during the current international break.

Hopefully he will be back to full fitness soon!

P.S.: David is now a grown man, which should make all of us feel pretty old.

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