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PICTURES: Thomas Tuchel’s first training session as Chelsea head coach

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No time to waste!

Thomas Tuchel has wasted little time in getting straight to work as Chelsea head coach.

His arrival might have been delayed by a few days — the Chelsea hierarchy apparently making the decision to replace Frank Lampard after last Tuesday’s defeat at Leicester City but only putting that in action yesterday morning — but after the confirmation of his arrival this afternoon, he’s already taken his first training session by evening.

Tuchel, replete with his own monogrammed training kit already as well, can be seen doing all the pointing and shouting and maybe even a bit smiling in the pictures from Tuesday’s late session at Cobham under the lights (6pm start time, local). The former PSG and BVB man has a fairly well set of guiding principles that he likes to drill into his players, which could be a challenge as a mid-season appointment, but hopefully we’ll see some results on the pitch soon.

UPDATE: Now with video on the Chelsea App and official website.

Onwards and upwards!