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Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool, Player Ratings: Timo leads the way, Kepa brings up the rear

Community player ratings from the Blues’ latest defeat against the Reds


1. TIMO WERNER (7.1)

Great to see Werner settle in so quickly, and while part of that is down to him fitting in the team better / more obviously than Kai Havertz, it probably has plenty to do with Werner coming in much, much earlier than Havertz, too. Werner is technically a new signing, but he’s been working with the team since July, and that’s surely made a difference especially when compared with Havertz, who’s only been here a couple weeks (even if we had to finish last season without Werner on the pitch, so tactically he probably wasn’t all that involved — i.e. feed the speed please!).

In any case, all that’s missing is a goal, but surely that’s coming soon. Also, would really love to see him play more with Abraham/Giroud instead of just attacking midfielders.

2. N’GOLO KANTÉ (6.4)

Lost a little bit amid the actual new signings, Kanté has been a proverbial “like a new signing” so far, even when shoehorned in (again) as a third midfielder in a 4-3-3 rather than being utilized in midfield-two, as he’s best equipped to be. Now that Kovačić is back, let’s see more Double K Double Pivot action (4-2-3-1; 4-2-1-3; 4-2-2-2; 3-4-3; 3-5-2; etc), shall we?

3. KURT ZOUMA (6.4)

It may not be saying much, but Zouma has (quietly) emerged as the defensive rock of Lampard’s Chelsea (since just about day one), and playing him alongside Thiago Silva should bring out even better performances from him.

(Oh, and Kepa just barely dips below the 3.0, which is a bit surprising given the current state of play, but he did make more saves than goals conceded, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.)

vs. LIVERPOOL (PL, H, L 0-2)


EXCELLENT (8.0-8.9): —

GOOD (7.0-7.9): Werner (7.1)

AVERAGE (6.0-6.9): Kanté (6.4), Zouma (6.4), Tomori (6.3, sub), Kovačić (6.0)

POOR (5.0-5.9): James (5.7), Mount (5.4), Abraham (5.4, sub), Barkley (5.3, sub), Havertz (5.2)

BAD (4.0-4.9): Alonso (4.8), Jorginho (4.3)

TERRIBLE (3.0-3.9): Christensen (3.6)

KEPA-ESQUE (1.0-2.9): Arrizabalaga (2.7)


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