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WATCH: Thiago Silva learning all the English!

Pro-tip: start with the swear words, Thiago

While Frank Lampard stated during his press conference yesterday that Thiago Silva won’t be available against Liverpool on Sunday, the player’s making good use of his time at home by actively working on bridging the language gap, and doing so with a bit of fun.

Silva’s wife and social media influencer, Belle Silva shared some of his progress on Instagram.

There’s something about Silva’s smile which is just highly contagious, but in a good way. He really does seem like a genuinely nice guy who’ll do everything necessarily to acclimatize properly and put in all the necessary shifts offside the field. Then again, that’s exactly what leaders do, right?

Though his wife did say that the defender might struggle to learn the language initially, and that his English skills have become somewhat of a running-gag in the Silva household, it should possibly help him in the learning process that both his wife and kids already speak English. The latter two even speak it fluently after attending prestigious international schools in Paris.

Silva’s still got some way to go in order to reach a level which will make communication and barking out orders on the field easier, but if there’s one thing that the former PSG captain doesn’t lack, it’s dedication. After having already learnt French and Italian during his stays in France and Italy, he’ll certainly want to put English on that list as soon as possible.

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