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WATCH: Willian all Chelsea career goals


I was thinking the other day that the “problem” — it’s not a problem per se, but I can’t think of a better word — with Willian and his legacy is that he did not have that one truly iconic moment in his Chelsea career. He also started slowly (8 goals combined the first two years, averaging almost 9 per season in the five after that) and some of his best moments also came in some of Chelsea’s worst, especially in 2015-16.

What’s the first thing anyone associates with Willian? That’s actually kind of hard to guess. Chances are it’ll be something negative or something perfunctory, which is truly unfortunate for a man who, rare exceptions aside, always gave it his all 339 times for Chelsea.

Such moments don’t always have to be goals — sometimes a point to the badge is all that’s needed — though goals are what’s most easily remembered.

For me, his first goal for Chelsea, the left-footed first-time effort against Norwich City, is the first that comes to mind for some reason. So this video was quite helpful in remembering some of the 60 or so others, 37 of which happened in the Premier League: good enough for 10th most since 1992 (i.e the PL’s inception).

Unlike most unofficial videos, this one doesn’t skimp on build-up or celebrations either, which not only makes it a good way to spend a half hour, but helps us re-live some of the great and of the bad moment in the last seven years.


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