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Willy Caballero talks up Kepa Arrizabalaga’s professionalism, behavior, support

Goalkeepers union

Chelsea FC v Liverpool FC - FA Cup Fifth Round
This picture makes Kepa look even shorter than he is!
Photo by Robin Jones/Getty Images

Chelsea (backup?) goalkeeper Wilfredo Caballero was asked whether he hopes Chelsea (starting?) goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga stays at the club this summer, which is just about the most useless question one can ask in this situation.

It’s a question that 999 times out of a thousand will only be answered one way. And this was not the exception.

“Of course I hope he stays.”

I also hope that Caballero rolled his eyes at some point in this exchange, though after two decades in the professional game, he probably doesn’t have high expectations when a microphone is shoved in his face.

Continuing along the well-trodden path of saying all the right things, Caballero talked up the positive environment in the Chelsea Goalkeepers Union, with Kepa behaving as one would expect a professional to behave in his situation (and like Lampard acknowledged earlier this season as well).

“We have a great relationship — first of all because we speak the same language. We work together well in training. It was the second time that Frank left him out, but in terms of our relationship he has been very good. He has been behind me, helped me with everything in the games that I have played.

“Thats all I can say about Kepa. He has shown me and all of us a great face, even in the worst moments for him. That is so professional from him. The way that he worked during those weeks and in the last week, he was excellent.”

That said, Caballero does acknowledge the obvious and the way he phrases it is weird enough to maybe open room for speculation as to the cause of Kepa’s drastic drop in form that maybe extends beyond just the pitch.

Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Maybe an historically bad save percentage is just that, an historically bad save percentage.

“I have known him for two years. Last season was very good for him. This season there were some other things happening, but last year was fantastic.

“He is still the no1 goalkeeper for Spain, and is a great goalkeeper.”

-Willy Caballero; source: Express

Whatever these “some other things” were, the only thing that matters right now is winning the FA Cup final, regardless of which goalkeeper starts. (Probably Caballero.)

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