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‘No significant issues’ raised ahead of Premier League Project Restart Phase Two vote

Making progress

Wolverhampton Wanderers Continue Small Group Training Following Covid-19 Restrictions Being Relaxed Photo by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC/Getty Images

Today, Premier League clubs are expected to vote and vote in favor of proceeding to the second stage of Project Restart, which would step up the level of training from strictly isolated small groups to some level of increasing contact though not quite full contact just yet.

Yesterday, the league met individually with representatives of all twenty clubs, and according to reports, “no significant issues were raised” regarding any health concerns about players returning to training. In fact, according to one of Sky’s sources, the overall mood was “completely different” from last week, and different in a good way apparently, with players especially “extremely engaged” in the process.

While some concerns remain — and N’Golo Kanté still isn’t coming back — the narrative has firmly shifted in the direction of resuming football at some point in the next month. It’s certainly helped the growing sense of “safety”, if we can call it that, that only a handful of players and staff have tested positive for COVID-19, and all eight were immediately quarantined. The results of the third round of testing are expected to be announced today as well.

The league will vote tomorrow (Thursday) on an exact date for matches to start again , assuming that today’s vote regarding training goes the way everyone seems to be expecting.

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