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First stage of Premier League’s Project Restart to start today — report

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Five-week plan

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UK On Lockdown Due To Coronavirus Pandemic Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

It’s Monday, May 18, and it’s the first day of the rest of our football lives. Or at least for the foreseeable future of our football lives, in the time of COVID-19.

Today, the Premier League’s set to meet with all teams and is expecting to get their approval to begin “Phase One”, which would include individual training and various other socially distanced protocols to get all teams back on their way to match fitness. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday), it would also include a round of league-wide coronavirus-testing, the first of what’s set to be frequent and regular testing of all those consenting and thus involved.

Should everything go as planned, the league would expect to move into “Phase Two” of Project Restart in two weeks, which would include (government-approved) full-contact group training as well.

And should everything then go as well as planned, we would be set to play on June 19 (or thereabouts).

Fingers crossed.