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Tammy Abraham making extra plans to ensure family’s safety when Premier League returns

Concerns, solutions, hopes

Chelsea FC v AFC Ajax: Group H - UEFA Champions League Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Tammy Abraham’s one of many Premier League footballers watching over the developments both in England and around the world with a fearful eye, hoping that the people in charge are making the right decisions and taking all possible precautions.

Like many, he’s hoping to be able to play soon, but not at the risk of endangering those nearest and dearest to him.

“The most important thing for me is for everyone to be well and safe, and for things to start opening up. Then by all means football can always come back. If it’s safe to do so let’s do it, but if it’s not then we will wait.

“My dad has asthma, so if I was to return to the Premier League and, God forbid, I do catch this disease and bring it home it’s the worst thing possible. The last thing I need is to catch the virus myself or be in contact with anyone with the virus.”

While COVID-19 poses little danger to Tammy — he’s young and (presumably) healthy as can be and will be tested frequently and regularly — those who are older and especially those with underlying conditions (respiratory or otherwise) are dying from the disease at significant rates. Catching the virus while “at work” and then bringing that home to his parents would be truly a terrible development.

Many “essential” workers have been facing similar dangers every day over the past two months, and most of us will have to take on that risk as well as economies around the world start opening up again. Choosing between work (money) and family is sometimes an impossible choice.

Tammy, who’s currently living with his parents and siblings, one of whom is also a professional footballer, does have a plan to mitigate some of the danger fortunately.

“It’s a hard one. It’s something we’ve all been thinking about for the last six or seven weeks.

“If the Premier League does come back, I don’t know what I’d do but the hotel could be an option; to self-isolate away from my family. I’ve got my dad’s full support for going back. He just wants me to go back. He’s one of my biggest fans.”

The Premier League’s newest proposed date to restart is June 19, with training set to begin about a month earlier.

Obviously, we’re looking forward to that, to have football in our lives again (ghost games or not), but the potential risks will be hanging over everything like a scary shadow for the foreseeable future. This is our life now.

“Everyone can see what’s going on in the world. Everyone wants to come back to football. I love football. It was my first full season at Chelsea, I was having a great season and I would love it to continue.”

-Tammy Abraham; source: Mail

One can only hope we can continue safely.

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