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Premier League ‘about to’ cancel season, claims Udinese director

Does Pierpaolo Marino know something others don’t?

AC Cesena v Atalanta BC - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Pierpaolo Marino is the director of Udinese Calcio, who do not play in the Premier League. So you might be wondering why anyone would care what he believes will happen to the Premier League. But as it turns out, his boss, the owner the club, is the father of the owner* of Watford Football Club ... who do play in the Premier League! And so, conceivably, Marino just might have picked up some insider info on what might happen this season, to the Premier League.

The Premier League! (Who definitely aren’t saying the season’s about to be canceled. Quite the opposite in fact.)

“The Belgian Federation has already sanctioned the end of their league, despite the threats of sanctions from UEFA. In England, the Premier League is about to release a similar statement, because the situation there is becoming very, very serious.

-Pierpaolo Marino; source: SportItalia via Football Italia

(UEFA are of course not too happy with Belgium breaking ranks, and the league’s decision is not yet ratified.)

Marino could also be full of shirt and just saying things without any basis in reality, though The FA’s chairman, Greg Clarke has acknowledged earlier this week in a speech that canceling the season is a possibility that cannot be ruled out by any means at this time.

“We are committed to finishing the professional football season as this resolves the issues of promotion and relegation together with title winners on merit.

“However, we may not be able to finish the season as football is not our priority, human life is, and we will do as the government directs as the pandemic unfolds.”

-Greg Clarke; source: The FA

Things are already messy, but that would be factors worse. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

* that’s just a technicality; both clubs are owned by the Pozzo family

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