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UEFA want Premier League coronavirus response plan by May 25

One month left to figure things out

Official Premier League Match Ball Photo by Visionhaus

We’re slowly but surely coming up to the point where a decision will have to be made regarding the fate of the 2019-20 season.

In fact, there’s a specific date for that point now, with UEFA issuing new guidance yesterday requesting each and every league’s plan of action by May 25 — will the season finish? how? when? who goes to Europe? method of classification? etc. — ahead of the organization’s next general meeting on May 27.

It is expected that UEFA will similarly decide the fate(s) of the 2019-20 editions of the Champions League and the Europa League, and hopefully also set an overall plan for next season’s competitions as well.

“National associations and/or leagues should be in a position to communicate to UEFA by 25 May 2020 the planned restart of their domestic competitions including the date of restart and the relevant competition format.”

-UEFA statement; source: Sky

That gives the powers that be of the Premier League a little less than a month to figure things out, which sounds like a long time but these sorts of deadlines tend to creep up on you, and this isn’t just some school presentation of little actual consequence.

The Premier League could of course make a decision before then, just as other leagues are beginning to around Europe. Some are choosing to forge on ahead (Germany, Italy most notably), some are choosing to take the safe option and try again in September with a brand new season instead (France joining the Netherlands in that regard yesterday).

Most of the noises coming from the Premier League are pointing towards a restart in the foreseeable future — whatever it takes! — but it remains to be seen how realistic any of those hopes may actually be.

For what it’s worth, the latest media reports claim that we’re “gearing up” for a June 13 restart.

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