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Reece James, not very good at FIFA 20

Chelsea youngster crashes out of e-Premier League Invitational

Chelsea’s journey in the first ever e-Premier League Invitational lasted little more than 15 minutes, as Reece James crashed out of the video game tournament at the first hurdle, losing in rather embarrassing fashion to Everton’s Andre Gomes.

Of course, it’s all just a bit of a laugh and for a charitable cause (proceeds to benefit the #PlayersTogether fund), but losing 8-0 is never a good thing, be that in real football or virtual.

James conceded early and often, finding himself down 3-0 at half and a near (real-)Premier League record-setting 8-0 by the end. He took it as good-natured-ly as possible in the end, though did point out that Gomes was probably underselling himself a little bit at the start. He’s clearly been practicing quite a bit!

Andre Gomes thus advances to Friday’s quarterfinals, while Reece goes back to playing other video games that he’s better at.

On the plus side, we no longer have to pay attention to this thing ePL Invitational thing.

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