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Callum Hudson-Odoi gives first interview since COVID-19 diagnosis

Weird times are weird

A player stricken with a virus that caused a raging pandemic in a matter of months placing the entire world in quarantine has used FaceTime to give his first interview since he contracted, and reportedly recovered, from COVID-19. What a terrible sentence, but such is, and will continue to be, our world.

Gladly, Callum himself is in much better spirits.

“I am feeling perfect. I had the virus which has cleared now. I fully feel good, I feel fit, so I am feeling back to myself so it is all good.

“I had it [the illness] three weeks ago now I think, on a Monday when I felt a bit hot and I was thinking this is a bit unusual, why do I feel this hot. The next day I was feeling back to normal. I thought it was just a minor temperature thing, but obviously it wasn’t. I said to myself this wasn’t actually that bad, the symptoms, and I said to myself I feel good, I feel better.”

It sounds like Callum’s youth and fitness helped him recover quickly, and it’s possible he also contracted a mild case of the virus. Aston Villa goalkeeper Pepe Reina had a much different experience with the virus, deeming his battle with it ”the worst moment of my life.”

Now, for a ‘perfect’ feeling Hudson-Odoi, he joins the rest of us in missing football and nervously awaiting someone to end this terrible nightmare.

“Everything is happening so fast and I did not know this virus would be such a major thing and so big in the world and affect so many people.

“I want the football to come back as soon as possible, I’d want it to come back today if it could but this thing [pandemic] is growing and it is going to keep growing so the thing is we want everyone to stay safe and stay well. We want to be out there playing football and we want to enjoy what we are doing and we want the fans to be enjoying everything with us.”

There is no silver lining to a thing that has already impacted hundreds of thousands, and will likely grow that number exponentially. On a personal level for Callum though, the stoppage of everything gives him a chance to fully recover not only from COVID-19, but the injuries that have kept him in and out of the lineup, and out of his best form. Assuming things get back to relative normal in enough time that looking ahead to a football tournament can once again be top of mind, Callum will be aiming for his shot at the Euros, which were postponed to 2021.

“For me it is an opportunity to show again and keep pushing myself to the max to hopefully have an opportunity to go to the Euros. The Euros is a massive thing and I have big belief in myself and hopefully I will be able to get into the team.

“I just want to make sure that I keep pushing myself every game and every minute and making sure that I keep trying to score goals and make assists and keep trying to help the team as much as possible to get what we want, which is a trophy at the end of the day.”

–Callum Hudson-Odoi; source: ChelseaTV

Hudson-Odoi also thanked fans and his teammates for their messages of encouragement and support as he recovered. He assures us that he is fully fit, which is backed up by his report that Chelsea’s trainers have sent him a training program to stay fit. Watch the whole interview here.

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