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UEFA considering three-week August tournament to finish out Champions League — report

More tentative plans

UEFA Champions League Matchball and Protective Face Mask Photo by Visionhaus

It feels like it’s been forever, but technicality it’s only been one day short of one month since the official suspension of the Premier League (and the Bundesliga, and many others). Sadly, unlike Easter celebrations, the prospect of a resurrection for football is at least another month away, but probably two, if not three.

Teams in Germany have returned to a reduced form of training this past week, and look on track to possibly resume the Bundesliga next month. But the Premier League look nowhere near, and that surely goes for leagues in Italy, Spain, France, and many other places as well.

This could pose yet another problem for European football in general, though in the great scheme of things, this one’s a somewhat minor one. With the various leagues tracking to different timelines, their schedules are unlikely to align perfectly, which would complicate any attempts to play out the remaining fixtures in this season’s Champions League and Europa League.

In order to deal with that possibility, UEFA have reportedly “kicked around” the idea of a “three-week block” in August to finish those off.

Logistically, this would make some sense, allowing the various national leagues to complete their seasons starting in June/July, if possible (or get them to a point where it isn’t just suddenly abandoned), and then, for the remaining few, complete the European games (which are surely more flexible in terms of scheduling) at a later date.

As with any of these tentative plans, there are many unknowns, many moving variables, and many additional legal, commerical, and sporting concerns. Squeezing the season down and together with next season also raises fitness concerns, but those are surely minor (or at least more mitigable) in comparison to the more existential questions that need to be addressed first.

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