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Crystal Palace-like 2020-21 Chelsea third kit spotted in the wild?

Thanks, Nike?

Normally, we’d be entering the final month of the football season, gearing up for transfer season, and also keeping a close eye on kit leaks for next season. These days, the football may be on hold, but the other two are still trying their best to keep things going.

Unfortunately, most of the rumors are extra poor at the moment, and it’s not better in kit-leak-land either. In fact, here’s what very much looks like a real life example (or knock-off) of next season’s third kit from Nike, which we first saw in promo shots a couple months ago.

As it turns out, the man in the picture is Damian Bush, a Chelsea fan living in Singapore. He claims that he got it off a “website in China”, and that it’s just a concept shirt.

It does however match the leaks we saw earlier for next year’s third kit, so this concept is probably not very far away from reality. And it’s using the big ‘3’ logo for the new shirt sponsor, Three, which is likely to be he case as well (instead of a wordmark).

Either way, it’s not good. Nike did recently promise a greater variety for shirts and shirt-templates, but this is probably not what we were hoping for.

(Fortunately it’s just the third kit, so we won’t see it very often, assuming we even have football in the near future again.)

P.S.: Here’s a mock-up of what our new away kit might look like based on the latest colorway leaks.

Don’t worry, not even Nike will mess up the home kit. (Too much.)

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