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Self-isolation starting to wear on Willian, separated from family, friends, Chelsea

Uncertain times

Valencia CF v Chelsea FC: Group H - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Chelsea were set to return to training on Monday, but with the postponement of the season until at least April 30, not to mention the increasingly strong lockdown measures put into place everywhere, that’s probably not going to be happening for a while — in fact, no one really knows what’s going to happen and when, though the league still intends to finish in some way, shape, or form before June 30.

That uncertainty is starting to weigh on a certain Willian Borges da Silva, who’s been in self-isolation for a week now, following the positive COVID-19 test for teammate Callum Hudson-Odoi (who’s doing well).

But the Chelsea No.10 has been stuck inside, unable to really work out, and reading too much Internet news like the untrue scaremongering rumors about army patrols on the streets (those made the rounds in both the UK and the USA, and probably many other places as well).

“We know the more we stand still, the more we lose physical condition. I’ve been home for six days, I don’t have much structure to do the exercises I wanted to do. Even in my building there’s a gym, but I can’t go there to do it, I have to stay indoors. It ends up making it a little difficult, but I think it will be good, we have to think about people. If everyone does their part well, it will be over.”

“It’s a difficult time for everyone. People are starting to stay indoors, a lot of things are being closed, schools will also stop. So it’s a time to be supportive of others. I heard that the British army will be patrolling so that no one stays on the streets...”

-Willian; source: Globo SporTV via Sport Witness

To make matters worse, Willian’s also basically alone (just some staff) and has been separated from his wife and children, who had gone on a trip to Brazil. Their return has been delayed alongside the delay of the football season, and now he just wants to be with them. He’s hoping to get authorization from Chelsea to fly out to Brazil.

“At the moment, I’m alone. My wife and daughters are in Brazil. I had made a schedule before that. They went first, I was going to have a break and I was going too. Now, I’m checking here, if I have authorisation from the club.

“We’re deciding, they are about to come back here, but as there was a meeting and there was a definition here, they postponed the league until April 30th… With that fact, I’m trying to get permission from the club to be able to go. I explained the situation, I’m trying to get authorisation. I heard that players from other clubs are going to Brazil too, maybe being close to the family at this moment.”

Just this week, we saw former Chelsea player Mikel quit his top of the table club to be with his family back home in London. Willian has no doubt seen the likes of Neymar and Thiago Silva go back home to Brazil as well. Obviously, the situation is a bit different in Willian’s (Mikel’s team, Trabzonspor are still playing!), but it underlines just how powerful and important family is, and rightly so. So hopefully Chelsea and Willian can come to some sort of arrangement to make this happen (provided there’s still a way to fly between the two countries).

Until then, Willian’s trying to keep calm, follow government guidelines, and do his part in defeating (or at least reducing the impact of) this coronavirus.

“In the markets, everything is running out, there’s no more food. It’s like a war. I have employees here at home. They do this job, very carefully. I’m buying to keep it at home and no one needs to be leaving. The less we leave, the better, also not to put the employees at risk.”

“It’s really worrying. I follow the news. I think if people were aware, responsible, respectful, follow orders, stay at home, if everyone does what has to be done, what happened in Italy will not happen there. But, I saw some news, people with viruses, who knew they had it and weren’t quarantined…”

-Willian; source: Gazeta Esportiva via Sport Witness

It’s only been a week, Willian! Stay strong!

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