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Billy Gilmour and brother Harvey Gilmour make light work of #StayAtHomeChallenge

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It’s been less than three weeks since Billy Gilmour became a superstar.

Feels like a lifetime ago.

As everything starts to go into (pseudo)-lockdown, it feels like it may be another lifetime before we get to see him play again.

To help fill that gap, here’s young Billy absolutely nailing the #StayAtHomeChallenge, and perhaps going a bit overboard judging by his facial expression at the end. But we know Billy G doesn’t go half-hearted into anything.

Bonus Gilmour family #content comes from Billy’s younger brother, Harvey, who’s just 14 and playing for Kilmarnock’s youth teams, but has already been linked with Chelsea by the tabloids.

Can’t wait for the Billy and Harvey double-act in ohhhh ... say ... four years? Make it so.