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Chelsea stars step up their game as the #StayAtHomeChallenge evolves


DB Regio Workshop Berlin Lichtenberg Photo by Bernd Settnik/picture alliance via Getty Images

With football postponed indefinitely and, more specifically, the Premier League suspended until at least May, more and more Chelsea players are popping up on social media to take part in the #StayAtHomeChallenge.

It’s a fairly silly thing to watch professional footballers juggling the month’s hottest commodity, toilet paper, in their homes — though at least they’re only showing themselves using it in an unintended manner. Most importantly, they’re staying inside and reminding everyone that even the most fit and well-cared for among us are taking the directives of our new reality seriously.

However, after some decent previous showings — perfunctory efforts from Tammy Abraham, Reece James, Willian, Antonio Rüdiger, and many others (plus an amusing fail from Pulisic even though he used an actual ball) — it was high time other Chelsea players stepped up.

Chelsea FC Women’s Ramona Bachmann shot to the top of the leader-board with this effort.


To make up for the sauce that drained from SW6, Marcos Alonso and his sweet left foot decided to evolve the challenge (don’t worry, toilet paper is still involved).

Surgical. Also shoutout to him for his impeccable taste in music, regardless of whether it fits the occasion of clipping a roll of toilet paper over some chairs to knock off an empty plastic water bottle sitting on top of another.

Also, life with a professional footballer who isn’t allowed to play football has to be driving some family members or significant others crazy. Now I know why they all spend their offseasons on boats. Sure, docking at exotic and/or fascinatingly beautiful places is lovely, but it also keeps them from breaking everything in their houses because you asked them to pass the salt. Imagine having to preface every request with a stern and loud “WITH YOUR HANDS...”.

Anyway, after yesterday’s debacles I am glad these two stepped up to show the caliber of toilet paper skills we expect from those who wear the shirt.

Ed.note: bonus Marcos Alonso Instagram goodness! Man’s got this lockdown life on lock.

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Day 5... #staystrong #yomequedoencasa #fuerza #forza

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