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Chelsea offer up stadium hotel for free use by NHS coronavirus response staff

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Millennium Hotel at Stamford Bridge available to NHS staff for free

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels At Chelsea Football Club

The hotel attached to Stamford Bridge, part of the Ken Bates stadium expansion dream that nearly bankrupted the club, though technically managed by Millenium Hotels and Resorts, has been opened up for free use by National Health Service (NHS) staff during the Coronavirus outbreak.

As the Chelsea website announced yesterday, the initiative came from Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, who will personally cover the costs of the healthcare workers staying there as they combat the virus in London for at least the next two months. If needed, the entire hotel could be given over to this purpose — it’s not like there’s much tourism, especially football-tourism to worry about these days! — and Abramovich would cover it all.

It goes without saying that this is a wonderful gesture from the owner in these troubled times, and yet again flies in the face of reports that he’s stopped caring about Chelsea Football Club or the local community. On the contrary!

Thank you, Roman, for making us proud.