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Lampard updates on COVID-19 scare at Chelsea, players’ fitness, Hudson-Odoi’s recovery

On things of football and not

General Views of Sport Venues after events postponed due to Covid-19 Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Today Frank Lampard provided a few updates on what’s been happening (or not happening) around Chelsea after last week’s confirmed positive COVID-19 test for Callum Hudson-Odoi and subsequent shutdown of all football around Europe (except Russia and Turkey).

Fortunately, Hudson-Odoi recovered quite quickly, which he himself revealed on Instagram, and which has now been confirmed by the head coach.

“I’m happy to say that in Callum’s case, he has made great progress and almost feels his usual self, which is obviously the news we all want to hear.

“I am of course aware that not everyone can or will recover from this virus, so I urge all of the football and sporting community to continue to act responsibly and look out for the health of others.”

Lampard also confirmed what coach Christophe Lollichon told French television, that the training facilities at Cobham have been deep-cleaned and have now reopened for staff who are not currently self-isolating.

As for Chelsea’s men’s first team, who do remain in self-isolation for a while longer, the challenge is keeping fit and engaged during this unscheduled break of indeterminate length.

The club gave each player an indoor exercise bike, as well as tailored nutritional and fitness plans to help them remain as physically fit as possible during this period of isolation. Chelsea were seemingly very proud of this solution, given that the club’s social media accounts have been plastered with players pedaling and sweating away on their brand new bikes.

The life of a quarantined professional athlete in the middle of a suspended season looks quite a lot different from that of mine, which is the rare scenario in which I think I may have the upper-hand: Netflix, FIFA20 and nonstop snacking >>>>>>>>>> working up a sweat on a stationary bike in your own house where, presumably mere feet away, is Netflix, FIFA20 and snacks.

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On a more serious note, Frank, like most everyone is in a state of awe at how quickly all of our lives changed, and indeed, halted, driving home the notion that there are things larger in life than football.

“I want to make it clear that I am no medical expert when it comes to challenging times such as these but please do take the time to call older relatives and vulnerable people who might be alone, or offer to drop round shopping if they can’t get out. Let’s make sure we all take care of each other.”

“Social distancing can leave us feeling isolated, however we can continue to support each other even if that means doing it remotely.”

He’s right.

These problems all truly pale when the global toll of this pandemic is considered, especially since we still have no idea of the scope, or what will be its wake when it has finally passed.

“Of course we still don’t know when competitive football will restart, but it isn’t worth worrying about that too much at the moment. We all miss football, but right now it’s about acting responsibly and in the best interests of society. I am sure I wasn’t the only one who found myself in a strange place with no sport this weekend, but ultimately none of that matters when we consider the bigger picture.”

–Frank Lampard; source: ChelseaFC

This is a horrible situation and our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone affected, which, by now, should be all of us. Let’s remember that people are suffering, and that the faults in societies across the globe that this has revealed should be remembered and removed once this is over.

Until then, we could use every bid of normalcy, including anything to do with Chelsea, who are a big part of all of our lives.

So take care of one another, practice kindness and courtesy toward one another, and let’s all remember that this should be our duty always.

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