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WE AIN’T GOT NO FOOTBALL: Cesc Fàbregas recreates classic Eddie Murphy balcony scene from ‘Coming to America’


The Internet has been awash with videos of people coping with social distancing, including the absolutely nightmarish scenarios of neighbors blasting music off their balconies (truly putting the block in block party), singing at the tops of their lungs, or doing group exercises.

Obviously, some enjoy that sort of thing. For me, that would make this whole experience even more excruciating. Fortunately, I live in classic American suburbia, rather than the old blocks of flats like back in the old country. But if I were still there, I can only assume my experience would more closely mirror Cesc Fàbregas’s.

Nice one.

Also, that’s like that greatest workout room of all time, with a view of the Monaco harbor and the Mediterranean Sea. There is self-isolation, and then there is self-isolation. And then there is self-isolation with a view like that!

Of course, it should be mentioned the Fàbregas is paying tribute to a classic scene from the classic Eddie Murphy move ‘Coming to America’ from the late ‘80s. Here’s the original with Murphy and co-star Arsenio Hall.

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