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Official: UEFA postpone Euro 2020 to 2021

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Potential room for this season’s club competitions to finish before June 30

Euro 2020 Football Championship Postponed For A Year Photo by Valya Egorshin/NurPhoto via Getty Images

At their emergency meeting today, UEFA have made it official: Euro 2020 will not be held this year, and will instead be postponed 12 months, to 2021, with the associated qualifying playoff matches postponed until at least this summer as well — i.e. qualifiers will still be decided “this season”, but the competition itself won’t be played until after “next season”.

This was the decision most expected European football’s governing body to reach, which in theory gives enough time this summer for this season’s club competitions to finish out their respective seasons in some way, shape, or form (rather than just cutting everything off and dealing with the massive and complicated sporting and legal ramifications).

That all depends on how quickly the COVID-19 outbreak can reach its peak and start subsiding or at least normalizing a bit. For now, football will re-examine things in a couple weeks, though most don’t expect leagues to restart until May at the earliest.

Keep your fingers crossed!