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Mason Mount apologizes for breaking self-isolation protocol, doesn’t break self-isolation to do so — report

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Lesson learned, hopefully

Chelsea FC v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images

It would’ve been somewhat amusing — we could all use a bit of levity these days — if Mason Mount had gone to apologize to Frank Lampard in person, breaking self-isolation protocol to apologize for breaking self-isolation protocol, but fortunately, he was a bit smarter than that.

Instead (according to the Daily Mail), Mount called up the Chelsea head coach to say sorry after the got caught larking about town for a playground kickabout with his pals (including West Ham’s Declan Rice, who’s avoided any criticism). In a way, making an actual phone call in the era of smartphones almost counts as a meaningful throwback to a time far more innocent. A real personal connection, even amid social distancing!

Jokes aside, Mount’s breaking of protocol was probably more significant in terms of its symbolism rather than any actual spreading of the COVID-19 coronavirus, but it sounds like he’s avoided any fines from the club and got away with just a stern talking-to.

Lesson learned, hopefully, and not by just the one young man in question.

This is going to be painful — we’re only at the start! — and some of the long-term societal ramifications sound potentially quite scary (and I’m not talking football here), but we all have to persevere, so let’s get on with it.