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Good news from Callum Hudson-Odoi after positive COVID-19 coronavirus test

Feeling good and following all protocols

Yesterday, Callum Hudson-Odoi became the first Premier League player confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.

Today, he’s already feeling good and is well on the path to recovery, though obviously maintaining the proper protocols mandated in this case — i.e. self-isolation — just as the rest of the team are.

“As you may be aware, I had the virus for the last couple days, which I’ve recovered from. I’m following the health guidelines and self-isolating from everybody for the week. Hope to see everybody soon and hope to be back on teh pitch very soon.”

-Callum Hudson-Odoi; source: Instagram

Being a young, healthy, and fit individual, it’s no surprise that Callum’s practically already recovered. Most people who contract the disease will experience only mild symptoms. The truly at-risk segment of the population are those who are older (60+ especially) or have an underlying health condition already.

But CHO’s story is also a warning. As he says, he had been feeling unwell earlier this week already, but he didn’t get tested until later — before then, he could’ve passed it on to teammates, coaches, friends, family, etc. And that is why they are now self-isolating as well. And that is why this concept of “social distancing” is being hammered home by the authorities. You personally may not be at risk. The vast majority of the audience of this blog will not be at risk for any serious symptoms. But those to whom you may pass this on in the meantime just might be.

So, wash your hands, stop touching your face, and stay at home as much as it’s possible. It’s a short-term sacrifice that you can make that will pay long-term benefits for others.

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