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Lampard a bit obsessed with the Premier League table but don’t tell anyone

Accio quantum magic!

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Chelsea Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

One of the base concepts (paradoxes?) in quantum mechanics is the observer effect, wherein just by observing a quantum phenomena (say, a single photon fired at a double-slit) the measured result can change — that all possibilities (at varying probabilities) exist until they’re detected (at least in one interpretation).

Perhaps that’s what Frank Lampard’s banking on as well — he does famously have that high IQ, after all, so this should be child’s play for him — when he keeps on repeatedly looking at the Premier League table. Maybe THIS time, we’ll be first or second!

“I look at the league table two or three times a day, sometimes. You can become obsessed with it. That’s for me to do. For the players, reminding them sometimes is fine. It’s a good tool.”

Fortunately, Lampard’s only using Schrödinger’s Premier League table as a motivational tool, rather than trying to scramble his players’ brains with it. Meow!

“I don’t think you should speak about it too much because you end up with your eyes everywhere, up and down the table. I think we can only affect ourselves. But I don’t think it’s the worst motivational tool for all of us to really understand the situation, because I have a deep sense of pride about wanting to get fourth place.

”I remember having that as a player. We were fighting generally for first and second place for a good period when I was here and that’s how you should be. So I don’t mind referencing that to the players.”

-Frank Lampard; source: Telegraph

Perhaps tonight will bring some clarity to the wave.

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