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Timo Werner didn’t just merely adopt pressure, he was born into it, molded by it

Time to take control of your city

Burnley v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Timo Werner has now gone eight appearances and over 540 minutes without a goal — that’s six full matches worth of minutes — and has done so while missing several guilt-edged chances, though recently he hasn’t even been getting those chances to miss in the first place.

Werner used to make headlines in Germany for four-game scoreless streaks. He’s now gone twice as long without a goal for Chelsea.

Is it time to panic? Of course not.

Werner’s always had a bit of a “streaky” label. More pertinently, he’s not being cowed by the pressure of the situation. Whatever the cause of this streak may be — tactical, personal, extraterrestrial — it’s not “pressure”. Werner loves pressure.

“It’s always a bit of pressure when you come to a new club and you want to score by your own but now you also want to score for your new team-mates, for your club.

“You have to score and the pressure you have in every new club, but I think I can handle it very well because I got the same pressure at my old club and everybody wanted me to score. It’s not something new to me but now it’s a new ground from where I’ve been so its new people and new players around me.

“So the pressure is a little bit higher than the last years but I think good footballers are the best under pressure and that’s my plan, I can do very well under pressure.”

When I first moved out on my own, one of my relatives gave me a cookbook called “A Man, a Can, a Plan” — books are like smartphones, but only good for reading and occasionally looking at photos. Werner’s cooking up a tasty stew in the SW6 as well, though we might have to turn the flame down a bit and let things simmer just for a second.

“The beginning was very good, now a little bit after a lot of games I don’t know if its normal but I’m struggling a little bit. There are lot of games at the moment and I think there’s some chances that I’ve missed two or three weeks ago that were not the best thing, but I think when you are new to a country and league it’s always a little bit hard to adapt and it should be no excuse. I should try to do my best to be the best footballer that I can be in this league and I think I’ll adapt well.”

-Frank Lampard; source: Chelsea FC

Let’s give things a quick stir — we don’t want to burn anything! — and get back to the business of winning!

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