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France boss Didier Deschamps still not convinced about Olivier Giroud’s prospects for Euro 2020


France v Sweden - UEFA Nations League Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images

Didier Deschamps seems to like Olivier Giroud and wants to keep selecting him for France, including for Euro 2020 2021, but he needs Giroud to keep playing for Chelsea in order to make those decisions easier for himself.

One would think Deschamps would thus be happy considering that Giroud has started four of Chelsea’s last five games — scoring six goals in the process — and has made an appearance in eleven straight in all competitions.

Apparently not.

“I’ve never warned him like some said I have. I’m not there to advise him. I just gave him my opinion. Beyond that, it’s his decision. Olivier knew his game time was limited at one point. He turned that around. Things changed. Just like it’ll likely change in February or March.

“But for him to be a starter three games a week isn’t ideal either.

“These days, I can’t give him a guarantee, not to him or others too. I have the fortune of having quality and quantity at my disposal”

“He’ll be around for a while longer, looking at his past performances… Less so than in the past because time passes, but for a while yet looking at his mental strength. It’s a merit to him for not letting go, but we know that: the harder it gets, the stronger he holds on.”

-Didier Deschamps; source: L’Équipe via Sport Witness

Some call it advice, some call it a warning. Tomato, tomato.

Understandably, Deschamps can’t make any “guarantees” but it’s a bit galling for him to be questioning Giroud’s abilities now, just as the veteran striker and World Cup-winner became Chelsea’s joint-top leading scorer for the season!

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