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Giroud concerned by Chelsea situation, hopes to make ‘right decision’ in January

Confirming things


Olivier Giroud’s situation doesn’t really need too much explanation at this point. Just like last year, the veteran striker has not played much at all so far in the first-half of the season, which is putting his place in the France national team under threat as well, including for the (postponed) Euros coming up (again).

Last year, against all odds, Giroud ended up staying, and playing a key role in the team. That looks a lot less likely to happen this year. But that doesn’t mean that his mind is made up just yet about leaving.

“I am aware of my situation. I know the score. We have discussed it again. I will have to take a decision in January but I hope to take the right decision. I have always done that of course.

“It is concerning because I believe I still have a role to play in the team especially after having a very good end to the last season and I contributed to qualifying for the Champions League. I thought I could still help the team. It is true that my game time is reduced a lot. That has to change or I have to make a decision.

“People talk about my age but I still feel very good physically even if I am obviously not playing a lot of matches. I still have a lot of desire and enthusiasm and I think what makes a career last longer is the mentality, the motivation and determination to always go further. As long as I have that, I will carry on trying to bring that to the team.”

-Olivier Giroud; source: Téléfoot via Mirror

This is precisely the sort of attitude and mentality that we would miss with Giroud, in addition to his consistency and ability on the pitch. But his current situation is unsustainable, and the least we could do is to let him choose his destiny if (and when) he decides to leave.

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