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WATCH: Chelsea Unseen highlights from season thus far

Fun stuff

Chelsea Unseen remains the best regular feature on Chelsea TV, and fortunately it is still regularly posted on the club’s YouTube channel as well and not being restricted to app-based or website-only viewing.

So here are some fun highlights of the first couple months of the season as seen by the Unseen cameras on the training ground.

The spirit, the quality, and the level of competition that comes across in these clips is certainly heartening, though Mateo Kovačić probably should tone down his tackling a bit before he actually knocks someone out of action.

There’s also Kurt Zouma showing off his American accent (“Come on homie, shoot that ball!”), Petr Čech making some tremendous saves, and lots of other even more tremendous shooting and volleying from all the players. And one hilarious miss from Olivier Giroud, which turns all the rest into a flock of seagulls.

But perhaps the funniest and certainly most random moment is Coach Barry’s quiz to name a Kardashian sister, which César Azpilicueta fails hilariously. Come on, DAVE!

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