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England vs. Iceland match to go ahead at Wembley despite COVID-19 travel restrictions

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Special exceptions

Deserted London Under Lockdown Due To Coronavirus photo by Mike Abrahams/In Pictures via Getty Images

According to various (though as yet unconfirmed) reports, England’s Nations League match against Iceland, which could feature up to three Chelsea players (Abraham, Chilwell, Mount), is set to go ahead next Wednesday at Wembley. The visitors are expected to be granted special dispensation from the UK government to allow them to enter the country even though they will be traveling from a country that’s on the quarantine list.

Iceland will be playing in Copenhagen on Sunday against Denmark, who will be without eight Premier League-based players (including Chelsea’s Andreas Christensen) as their clubs refused to release them for national team duty because of the two-week mandatory quarantine recently instituted on all travelers arriving from Denmark.

Even if special dispensation is given to the Iceland national team, it’s not expected to change the situations of any of those players, with Denmark already calling up replacements for them — and especially not after two positive COVID tests were returned yesterday, resulting in “a number” of players and coaches going into self-isolation.

Whose idea was it to play international football again?