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Édouard Mendy injury just ‘a little hitch’ (hitch), so you can stop that nervous twitch

Fingers crossed

Jennifer Paige once said that it was just a little crush (crush), and it’s not like she fainted every time you touched, or, for that matter, that everything she’d do depends on you.

That’s as solid as ‘90s references go, young ones. Just wait, we’ll do Savage Garden next week.

Anyway, here’s Édouard Mendy saying that his injury is just a little hitch (hitch), and it’s not like he fainted, or, for that matter, that everything we’d do depend on him. Well, not everything...

This is in line with previous reporting that claimed the injury would keep him out for no more than two weeks and maybe just one game, the one coming up against Southampton.

“Little hitch, I’m going to do everything I can to come back faster and stronger. Thank you all for your messages.”

-Édouard Mendy; source: Instagram

So that’s all well and good, but unfortunately it doesn’t mean anything in terms of an actual prognosis — I don’t think a “little hitch” is a medical diagnosis — though I suppose we can surmise that it’s a minor strain indeed, with nothing torn or torn too badly, unlike Natalie Imbruglia’s perfect sky.

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