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Fabregas dishes on Sarri, dunks on Spurs, dabbles in nostalgia in impromptu Twitter Q&A

Things were said!

Chelsea Training Session - Cobham Training Ground Photo by John Walton/PA Images via Getty Images

Yesterday ex-Chelsea great player Cesc Fabregas went on the tweet machine and announced and impromptu question and answer segment — completely unsponsored! These things can be extreme marketing tools, as the combination of a well-known figure’s attention and millions of people within arms reach of keyboards tends to lead to #engagement PR professionals dream of, but in this case it wasn’t. Instead, the mercurial midfielder wasn’t only responding to vapid, cherry-picked questions, which means he actually said interesting things.

(Bonus fun fact: Fabregas won more major trophies at Chelsea than at Barcelona and Arsenal combined)

Highlights from Chelsea-related portions begin with Cesc responding to something that wasn’t even a question, but appreciation accompanied by video of him scoring in the 88th minute after a Hazard and Oscar combination in the box that pushed us to the 2014/15 Premier League title.

A personal favorite was the time he used his noted pinpoint marksmanship to doink a West Brom player in the head. The emojis may suggest remorse, but I’m at least thankful no words did. Most of those West Brom players deserved a doinking. That’s what happens when you associate with Cladio Yacob.

This next bit would have been my favorite if he hadn’t spent so much time at Arsenal. Though it’s also true that hatred of Tottenham, and desire to troll them, is A Chelsea Thing™ — if only because we have consistently been good enough to remind them of their place in the world.

Naturally, someone asked about That Assist — you know the one — and Fabregas, ever the gentleman, gave all credit to André Schürrle’s run. Fun fact: Did you know that André Schürrle is (still) only 29-years-old? It’s true. André Schürrle is only 29-years-old. André Schürrle, 29. (Ed.note: on loan at Spartak Moscow ... WTF?)

And of course, he reiterated his thoughts on the concept of football in general, which, as ever, is [FUNNING] unbelievable.

We were also treated to some candor about the notoriously rigid Maurizio Sarri.

And Antonio Conte. (All credit to Fabregas for the hard work he put in, and relatively late in his career and already with a pile of accomplishments, records and trophies, but I still think we would have been better off adding a more natural fit for Conte’s system. Alas.)

Fabregas also dropped some information on Callum Hudson-Odoi’s first time training with Chelsea’s first team. The legend of Callum Hudson-Odoi tearing up training pitches continues to grow. Most of us now know we have a gem on our hands, but players (and presumably Chelsea’s front office) has known for years.

I hope he does more of these, but I can’t imagine his publicist is OK with him giving up all of this #content without a check from Sure™ deodorant.

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