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Chelsea reveal cool ‘90s-inspired Nike 2019-20 third kit, with most uncool collar

Fatal flaw

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Proving all the leaks true as usual, Chelsea have today officially released the 2019-20 third kit from Nike, which marries all the ‘90s cool with all the ‘90s garishness into something either totally amazing or totally horrendous.

We get bold colors, bold designs, and one fatal flaw, that collar — it looked bad on leaks, and does not look any less bad on the official photos either. Let’s call it an acquired taste. As with all the shirts this season, it looks better as a “fashion” item than an actual high performance sports garment.

As the Nike press release informs us, the flashes of orange and the bold jacquard pattern that jazz up the all-black design are supposedly inspired by mid-90s Chelsea kits (such as the famous orange-tangerine dream), while even the Nike logo is the retro-future version that’s been making a comeback lately. The kit will be officially paired with orange socks, which will probably be the best part of the whole getup.

Chelsea are set to wear this thing for the first time on October 2, in the away match against Lille in the Champions League. But of course you can buy buy buy buy it now now now spend spend spend!

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