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Jorginho ‘very happy’ changing minds one Chelsea match, one long pass at a time


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Chelsea FC v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Jorginho’s personal quest to divorce his own career arc and narrative from Maurizio Sarri and win back the support Chelsea fans at the same time has been well documented. After another strong performance on Saturday, in the 2-0 win against Brighton and Hove Albion, it’s fair to say he’s been quite successful in that quest. He certainly believes so, and who are we to argue with that?

“It made me a little bit sad because I knew it was not like that but in my mind I just have to work hard and change their minds, and they have to notice they made a mistake about myself.

“It was amazing because last season it was impossible. I am very happy how they changed their mind about me. I worked a lot, I never said anything. I am thankful for what I learnt from [Sarri] but it is an opportunity to show I’m here not just for the coach.”

It’s been an uphill climb for Jorginho, but the loud and shameful boos have changed to firm and heartening applause, and without a negative word from the 27-year-old. In fact, his positivity and leadership on the pitch has been pointed out by new head Frank Lampard as well. It also helps that Lampard wants his midfielders to do something other than just short passes.

“We are playing with more long balls, more runs, less short passing. I try to do what the coach wants. Yes, it has changed a little bit but the mentality is the same, to press the other team and try to have control of the match.”

Jorginho won’t be confused for Cesc Fàbregas in terms of passing range, selection, or accuracy, for that matter, but he’s improving. He’s even picked up an assist! It’s all happening!

He’s even back on penalty kick duty! In fairness, he should’ve never not been.

“You will have to ask Frank [about who is the designated taker]! [Abraham] came up and said, ‘You are taking the penalty?’ and I said, ‘yeah’, and so he said ‘OK’.”

-Jorginho; source: Telegraph

Next up for Jorginho and Chelsea is the second group stage match in the Champions League. After losing to Valencia a couple weeks ago in the first, the pressure’s on to collect all three points in Lille. It’s a situation where the experience and the quality of Jorginho should be once again be quite useful.

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