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PICTURES: Frank Lampard joins in as Chelsea train for Brighton

Walk and talk

Chelsea’s busy schedule these days means that there isn’t too much time for training, certainly not intense training, but the squad still managed to squeeze in at least one full day before today’s Premier League match against Brighton and Hove Albion.

Even the boss-man himself, Frank Lampard, joined in this time, possibly for what looks like a bit of set piece training, which is definitely needed.

As usual, there was time for a bit of fun amidst all the hard work, including whatever this was from Tammy Abraham. Everybody’s working for the weekend, one way or another.

There are more extended clips of Tammy’s dance moves, as well as training from the past week or so in the latest Chelsea:Unseen video as well.

Chelsea’s social media engagement has improved markedly this season, and it’s nice to see them keep the YouTube channel going, too, even if the emphasis remains on the annoying 5th Stand app.

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