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Chelsea 2019-20 Metrics Dashboard, Matchweek 5: Upgraded to 2.0!

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Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats Everybody!

Much like our formations and our style of play so far this year, the “Dashboard” is a work in progress. I’ve not only updated the name to Metrics Dashboard, as I think that flows off the tongue better, but I updated all of the “Team Metrics” to what I feel is a new and better format.

I’ve also added a threshold line on the weekly league tracker set at 70 points. Whether that’s fourth place or not, that’s probably a solid target for us, around a 40 points at home and 30 points away breakdown at best.

I added a bit of branding down at the bottom as well.

There’s a fair bit of cleanup I need to get done with respect to lining things up, but I was hoping to get some confirmation feedback first before putting in all of the work. I’ll keep neatening things up as the season goes along, minor tweaks with format, sizes, wording, etc. to get to an eventual “polished” final product, but it takes time, and the season is plenty long.

Here’s the static visual:

And here is the latest interactive version on my Tableau Profile.

As always, feedback greatly appreciated! Enjoy!