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WATCH: Capo Lee — Style & Swag | Chelsea Remix feat. RLC, CHO, Kante, Giroud, Azpi, etc

Theme song

London-born grime MC Capo Lee has remixed his own track from last year called “Style & Swag” to celebrate Chelsea, the Chelsea shirt, the Chelsea style, and the Chelsea players. And even better, Chelsea have collaborated with him in producing a proper video for the remix.

Grime may or may not be your thing, but the beat is undeniably great and some of the rhymes are fantastic. Too bad the David Luiz line is in the chorus. Oops!

Get hyped!


Man got styley, man have got swag
I’ll be in a blue shirt chasing the bag
Long ball from the back that could have been Dav
That’s another trophy man just dab

Man got styley greatness due
Man got a London style that’s Blue
And we got a kit right here that’s new
Let me get one for my grandad too

**VERSE 1**
From the days of the vinyl
Got the strongest heart in a final
21 trophies in 22 years
That’s a fact that should have went viral

Hudson out here nutmeg see you
Scorpion kick that could have been Giroud
Only London club with a Champions League in the cabinet
Let me continue

Style and swaggin’, Stamford Bridging
Break up play like Kante
Win it, give it and go he’s missing
Straight on to Willian, ball gets driven

I’m a name in the game can’t gas me
Always consistent come like Azpi
Loftus skills outstanding athlete
Blue shirt on Kings Road, no backstreet

**VERSE 2**
New season that’s a new mountain
New squad with Mason Mount in
Real fighters proof in the pudding
Spirit in the squad that you shouldn’t be doubting

Success run through the squad like a fountain
Could be away on a Saturday morning
Quickly get three points on a outing.

New shirt, flexing, swaggin
Swipe on a bank card
New boss, you guessed it
Super Frank that’s Lampard

Pulled it back when they said that we couldn’t
History book we stamped ours
New front two that’s Bats and Tammy
Me and Jamal, we back ours

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