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The Daily Hilario: TRANSFERAPALOOZA 2019

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.


Welcome to Transfer Deadline Day!

Today was supposed to be practically a non-event, with Chelsea maybe confirming a few loans (but maybe not since some of those moves could extend later into this month), but the whole David Luiz palpable discord has thrown a major spanner in the works. Expect that to be confirmed and announced today, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, the rest of the league has gone bonkers as well, especially Spurs making all the right moves: Ndombele, Lo Celso, Sessegnon, Dybala, uh oh. City have strengthened as well, and Arsenal have added Pépé. And down in Italy, Inter’s building a title-winner for Antonio Conte — mark my words — with Romelu Lukaku set to sign.

The situations of Zaha, Sané, and Christian Eriksen will be worth watching as well.

The Premier League transfer window SLAMS shut at 5pm local time (BST).

Let the silly games begin for one final time this summer!