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WATCH: 26 minutes of Chelsea’s best Premier League goals

Football’s almost back!

I’m not sure when the Premier League’s official YouTube channel decided to be awesome, but we have here today a 26-minute (TWENTY-SIX MINUTES!) compilation of some of Chelsea’s greatest goals in the Premier League. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. It really is twenty-six minutes long. Twenty six!

With little else happening on the transfer front thanks to the ban, and still several days to go until build-up to the first match of the season begins, this really is a wonderful way to spend a bit of time and get excited for the year ahead.

Which one’s your favorite?

Ok, now which one’s your non-Hazard favorite?

I’m going to have to go with either Schurrle v. Burnley (7:46-mark), Mata v. United (10:54-mark), Stanic debut goal v. West Ham (15:46-mark), and just about every time Hasselbaink unleashed that ridiculously powerful right leg of his. There’s of course no wrong answer. They’re all fantastic.


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