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Chelsea 2019-20 Statistical Dashboard, Matchweek 3: Better Late Than Never!

Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats Everybody!

Another matchweek gone, another disappointing and we even won! Woo! All of the data has now been uploaded into the dashboard, and I’ve made a few enhancements, too. Along with more cleanup, tweaking, etc.

  • I hadn’t realized the mouseover/hover aspect of the Player data wasn’t working on the “Totals” portion. That took some learning on my part, but it’s now fixed.
  • I inserted the “League Average” for all the team data in the lower right. Chelsea — light blue, League Average — pink. I chose those colors for easy readability and contrast, but that definitely could change going forward, as I improve/enhance this further.
  • I put in the dates for the Champions League matches, and will add in the opponents next time. Also cleaned up that table just a bit.
  • Seeing that green bar for a win on the league table sure is nice, and it finally gets to show off what those look like.
  • Per the Grand Poobah’s request, For is to the left of Against on the opponents table.

Here’s a snapshot of the current table:

And as always, here’s the dashboard link:

Chelsea 2019-20 Tableau Dashboard

Enjoy! As always, feedback welcome!

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